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Hello to all...

2010-01-12 16:24:20 by erSoulFire

I am finally starting to be able to express myself through music. All the songs I will be creating will be how I feel along my personal journey overcoming the abuse (sexual, emotional and physical) and neglect that I was forced to endure as a child. I don't really expect any sympathy for this, just wanted to tell it to those who know what it feels like, so you don't feel alone.

Many of the songs will be fairly simple in nature as it is meant to give you then sense of the feeling of the song as opposed to for entertainment and relaxation proposes. Don't get me wrong I will be making songs that can be for entertainment and enjoyment as well. As my skill with DAWs are a bit lacking; as I only started recently, my songs will improve along the way as well lol, so please bear with me. ^_^

All my songs are dedicated and made for those who have endured a similar childhood and life. They may trigger emotions that may make you hurt and/or bring back painful memories, but I assure you the pain is not real anymore; but just a memory.

Many of the songs may be dark in nature at first, but eventually they should become brighter.
I will also be creating songs that attempt to convey the full spectrum of emotions, so people like me can use them in our daily lives when we need them to feel.

It will be really hard for me to express myself, but at least I can try.

I am a transgendered survivor of child abuse and neglect, this is my voice!


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2010-02-10 03:07:38

Looking forward to your music!